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Club activitiesinclude training sessions at our track in Leongatha, and trips to race in club races and open events at tracks around Melbourne (and sometimes further!). Schedule for 2022 can be downloaded below.

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Training Nights- Summer 2021/22

Training takes place every week at the South Gippsland BMX Club track at 88 Horn St, Leongatha.

All licensed riders are welcome to come and have a ride, or try out BMX for the first time.

Club bikes, helmets and gloves are available for new riders, check out our getting started guide for what else you'll need.


Currently there's no racing at Leongatha while we continue to build and improve the track, with the plan to hold club racing in the near future. However members of SGBMX are welcome to attend club races and open events at other clubs across the state.

There are a number of upcoming events at other clubs that we will attend as a group, so if it's your first event and you'd like an experienced BMXer to show you the ropes, this is the perfect opportunity. 

Check the SGBMX Team App to find out details of upcoming events you can attend with other members of South Gippsland BMX Club.

Latest news and events calendar:

South Gippsland BMX Club uses TeamApp to communicate the latest news and info, as well as information about upcoming events.

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